TBR 06 – First World Privilege with Ray Benedetti and Matt Sams

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Today I share an episode that I was recently interviewed for on the OutrageoU.S. Podcast with hosts Ray Benedetti and Matt Sams. In this one, we talk about first-world privilege and how we take so many things for granted in the U.S.

I talk about my experiences while living in The Gambia as a Peace Corps volunteer and a lot of the challenges that I had to face. Many of which are things that most people probably don’t know. As I haven’t really talked about them very much before. But I decided to bring them forth during this interview.

And we go on to talk about what I’ve observed upon returning home in regards to what we take for granted. And how many people get upset and complain about the most trivial things. I also share my insight on how you can find gratitude in your life.

This is the first time that I’ve appeared as a guest on another podcast. So definitely go and check it out, and I hope you all like it!

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