Episode 28 – True Authenticity with Steven Kuhn

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In this episode, I speak with Steven Kuhn.

This was a conversation that I was really looking forward to because upon connecting with Steven I noticed a couple of things that we shared in common. We’re both U.S. military veterans, and we both earned our Master’s degrees in the UK. Though he served in the Army, whereas I served in the Marine Corps. Also, he earned a Master of Business Administration degree, and I earned a Master of Arts in Field Archaeology.

Though Steven’s story goes much deeper than that. During his military service, he was stationed in Germany and was deployed to Iraq during Operation Desert Storm. After being discharged from the Army, Steven continued to live as an expatriate in Europe. Eventually going on to become a best-selling author and a consultant for EU politicians, as well as for multiple start-ups and turnarounds. In doing so he garnered a reputation for his no-nonsense approach and for his belief in establishing trust and rapport.

In this episode, Steven tells us about his service in the Army and his transition to living in Europe. We also discuss leadership principles learned in the military, how to relentlessly pursue the things that you want in your life, and how to live an amazing life through the principle of Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency (H.I.T.). This is a conversation that I really enjoyed and got a tremendous amount of value from, and I know you all will too!

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He also has a book out, titled Unleash Your Humble Alpha: Own Your Presence in Life and Become the Epic Leader You Are Meant to Be! Which he co-authored with another guest on this podcast, Lane Belone.

Lastly, learn how to implement the H.I.T. principle in your life with Steven’s FREE 5 part videos series!

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