Episode 31 – My Peace Corps Story with Tyler Lloyd

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In this episode, I talk with fellow Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and podcaster, Tyler Lloyd.

Tyler grew up in a rural community in Kentucky. A place that didn’t have very many world travelers. But his curiosity eventually led him to venture out into the world. And he made his way to Australia, where he lived for six months.

Following his stint as an expatriate, he began looking for new opportunities to travel abroad. Eventually choosing the Peace Corps for his next adventure. And after a daunting application process, Tyler was selected to serve in Burkina Faso, West Africa as a volunteer for the Peace Corps’s environment sector.

In this episode, Tyler tells us about his Peace Corps service. Including the foods he ate, his interactions with the locals, the challenges he faced, and the takeaways and life lessons that he learned. He also gives us a preview of his podcast My Peace Corps Story, as well as his book Service Disrupted: My Peace Corps Story. And towards the end of the episode, Tyler shares a shocking ordeal that he faced near the end of his two-year service. One that could’ve changed his life forever! Listen to these stories and more in this fascinating interview! I hope you all like it!

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Also, check out Tyler’s book: Service Disrupted: My Peace Corps Story

Lastly, be sure to check out Episode 46 of the My Peace Corps Story podcast, where I make my guest appearance!

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