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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog and podcast. And what I want to do with All-Around Adventure moving forward. This brand that I’m working to grow has taken up a considerable amount of my time. Especially the podcast, as I’ve been releasing new episodes on a weekly basis since the beginning of this year. Although I have seen considerable growth, it hasn’t always been the easiest thing to do. And it has led me to think about my purpose for doing this thing.

There are many moments when I’ll put so much into creating an episode. Only to be disappointed when I don’t get nearly as many downloads as I was hoping for. Moments like this sometimes make me ask myself, “Why am I doing this?”. Because it seems as though the results don’t coincide with the time and the effort. On the other hand, my podcast coach did mention that it can take a while before things take off. Perhaps even an entire year of consistent uploading! Heeding his advice does help me to not get too bent out of shape about having low numbers.

But what really helps me the most is answering the question that I had asked myself. And that answer is actually quite simple. It is why I chose to start my blog and podcast in the first place… because I want to add value to the world.

This idea of adding value first came years ago. Back when I was a young U.S. Marine. I hit a rough patch during my service and I let my physical fitness fall to the wayside. I gained a lot of weight, and became what Marines refer to as a “fatbody”. Because I had gained so much weight, I was put on a body composition program. Where other Marines were assigned to take me out to do physical training (PT) on a regular basis. Mostly in the early hours of the morning. My weight and measurements were also taken regularly to make sure that I was improving.

Being on this program made me feel terrible. My energy was low, I had poor self-esteem, and it adversely affected other areas of my life as well. But that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was the realization that I had become a burden on my fellow Marines. The Marines who were assigned to me were getting up at 0500 to come do PT with me. Possibly taking time away from their families, or other commitments, in order to do so. There was also a bigger picture to take into consideration as well.

In the condition that I was in, there was no way that I could carry a wounded Marine off the battlefield. And I could compromise a mission if I couldn’t physically keep up with everyone else. I would also be dead weight for any Marine that would have to carry my fatass off the battlefield. This is when I got hit with a very harsh reality. One that really lit a fire under my ass and drove me to really turn things around. And that was that in the unfit condition that I was in… I could potentially get Marines killed. This was an awful and shameful feeling.

From that point on I dove headfirst into my training. Because I didn’t want to be a burden on my fellow Marines anymore. I wanted to be an asset, to be valuable. And through this new mindset, I got myself into such great shape that I would complete the Marine Corps Marathon after just six months of training.

Running the Marine Corps Marathon, October 2007.

This determination to be valuable has led me to make other critical decisions in my life. For instance, it was part of the reason why I joined the Peace Corps later on. So that I can be of service to others elsewhere in the world. And it was ultimately why I chose to create my travel blog and podcast, and add the personal development component to them.

Greeting my fellow villagers in Baja Kunda, The Gambia, circa 2014.

Throughout my time in the Marine Corps, the Peace Corps, and all other travels and adventures along the way. I’ve learned many life lessons and have grown exponentially as a person. Now I strive to share my stories and what I’ve learned with others. I’ve also found that many, if not most, other world travelers have experienced the same. So I seek them out to be guests on my podcast. And extract their stories, their life lessons, their wisdom, and for some, their expertise. In the hope that the listeners will be entertained, get tons of value, and become all-around better people.

That is the purpose of All-Around Adventure. That is why I make the decision to keep going. Even during the low times when it seems as though I’m not making much progress at all. Because I want to be valuable, and I know that I have value to add to this world.

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