My Fair British City… York (Gallery)

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Today is a great day for me! This morning I received an email from my university. It said that I had successfully completed my graduate program and will be receiving my Master’s degree. This is something that I’ve spent a year trying to achieve. During this time I was living in York, England. An old and beautiful city that I had grown quite fond of. This coming January I will be returning to York so I can walk in my graduation ceremony. And I very excited about that!

So far with this blog I’ve only briefly talked about my time in York. But I will certainly be writing posts telling about my time there in the near future. As well as for my upcoming visit. But before I go on to that I figured I’d should show you a bit of York first. So here are some photos that I’ve taken of the beautiful British city that I called home for an entire year! I hope you enjoy them!

The City of York

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