Feeding Monkeys in The Gambia (Video)

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Though The Gambia may not be quite as bio-diverse as other African countries. One can still have interesting encounters with animals. For this post I’ve decided to include a video that I took of my encounter with monkeys at Abuko Nature Reserve.

Abuko Nature Reserve sits approximately 15 miles south of the capital city Banjul. Though being relatively small in size, visitors can see a wide array of flora and fauna. Perhaps most notably are monkeys and birds. I was eager to go because other Peace Corps volunteers had told me about their good experiences there. So I teamed up with a group of friends for a day trip.

Upon arrival we paid our entry fee at the front entrance and was offered the opportunity to hire a guide. We declined the offer because we had preferred to see it at our own pace. Which is more my style anyway. The reserve also had a well maintained trail going throughout. So finding our way was relatively easy.

We came to long wooden bridge shortly after starting our walk through. On the other side of it we noticed movement on the ground. Which turned out to be vervet monkeys. We made our way over to them and to my surprise they didn’t run away as we got close. Being around people must just be normal for these monkeys. Though some of them moved away when I got too close. But that changed once I crumbled up a cookie in my hand and presented it to them.

I wasn’t entirely sure if I was actually allowed to feed them. But it was well worth it to get that close to them and capture this footage. I had seen monkeys in zoos before. But seeing them up close and personal like this was awesome!

DSCN7559 DSCN7556

I hope you enjoyed this post and video! The video is the first of my YouTube series My Peace Corps Footage. For this series I will be combing through my archive of videos I took during my Peace Corps service and sharing them with you all. So if you’d like to see more videos from my time in The Gambia, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, All-Around Adventure.

Thank you for visiting today! What animals have you been up close and personal with? Leave a comment below and tell me about it!

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