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JACK CARR│Red Sky Mourning

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For this episode of The All-Around Adventure Podcast, former Navy SEAL and #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Jack Carr, returns for a second time.

After a long career in Naval Special Warfare, Jack set out to achieve his lifelong dream of becoming an author. In 2018, his first book, The Terminal List, introduced the world to his protagonist, James Reece. Since then the book has been adapted into an Amazon Prime series starring Chris Pratt as the lead. And a prequel spinoff series, titled Dark Wolf, is currently production. Also, Jack’s seventh book in the series, Red Sky Mourning, is now on shelves!

In this episode, Jack tells us about what he’s been up to since the last time he was on the podcast. He also talks about the theme and story elements that we can expect in Red Sky Mourning. Furthermore, we discuss the 1983 Marine Corps barracks bombing in Beirut, Lebanon. Which serves as the basis for Jack’s first non-fiction book, Targeted: Beirut, that is set to be released in September of this year.

To watch the video of our conversation, head over to the All-Around Adventure YouTube channel! And be sure to listen to Jack’s first appearance on the podcast: JACK CARR│Only The Dead

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Also, check out Jack’s seventh book in the James Reece series, Red Sky Mourning! As well as his upcoming non-fiction book, Targeted: Beirut!

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