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House sitting is a topic that has not been discussed on the podcast yet before. It is also something that I have not seen being discussed very much among travel influencers. However, I’ve come to learn that there are many opportunities available for travelers to live in places long term and have free room and board through house sitting. My guest today is such a traveler. In this episode, I’m joined by fellow travel blogger and podcaster, Samantha Anthony.

Samantha is the creator and author of Alternative Travelers. A travel blog through which she shares her insights on house sitting, sustainable travel, and traveling as a vegan. She also has The Alternative Travelers Podcast, which she runs along with her cohost and partner, Veren. For Samantha, traveling began at a very young age, with her mother instilling a sense of adventure by taking her and her sister to different parts of Europe.

Later on down the road, Samantha sought out more ways to get out and travel. This included living in Spain for three years as an expat teaching English. She also spent some time working as an archaeologist. And conducted fieldwork in both Spain, Portugal, and New York City. And now she, along with her partner, have lived in multiple places around the US and Europe through house sitting.

In this episode, Samantha tells us more about her story. Talking about her experiences with house sitting and going over how you too can see the world through house sitting. We also discuss many things that have not been brought up on the podcast before!

To watch the video of our conversation, head over to the All-Around Adventure YouTube channel!

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Also, go tune in to The Alternative Travelers Podcast, and go check out The House Sitting Handbook!

Lastly, if you’re interested in pursuing house sitting, check out Samantha’s 40% off promotional link to Trusted Housesitters!

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