The Dichotomy Of Travel with Zach Guerrero

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There are many avenues to pursue when it comes to travel. You can relax in glamourous luxury, or grit your teeth and really rough it out in nature. Today on the podcast I’m joined by a very special guest! Returning for the second time is my brother, Zach Guerrero, to talk about some of the dichotomies of travel, what our experiences have been like with them, and what you can gain from each.

Zach and I have had some amazing adventures together in the past. He and I have hiked through an island that few people visit. And we’ve traversed the sands of the Sahara Desert on the backs of camels. So we’ve certainly done our fair share of ‘roughing it’ throughout our travels and learned quite a bit along the way. However, roughing it is just one end of the spectrum. On the other side there’s luxury travel, and everything else in-between.

In this episode, Zach shares some of his stories from the times when he’s roughed it while traveling solo. As well as his experiences with dabbling into more of the luxurious side of travel. And many of the stories that he shares are ones that not even I knew about before. So I hope you enjoy this conversation and our discussions on the different dichotomies of travel in this first guest episode of 2020!

To listen to his first appearance on the podcast, click here: Episode 30 – Brothers Who Travel with Zach Guerrero

Also, check out the gear and resources that Zach mentioned in the episode:

MSR Hubba Hubba NX tent
Under Canvas

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