The Value Of Traveling With Others with Paige Harker

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Solo travel certainly has a lot of amazing benefits. Including; building self-reliance and seeing the world at your own pace. However, there’s also much that can be gained from linking up with other like-minded travelers and taking on the world together. Today on the podcast I’m joined by returned guest, Paige Harker, to talk about the benefits of traveling with others, and how you form valuable connections that last long after the trip is over.

Paige is the creator and author of That Blonde Bikini Girl, a travel blog that helps women make it to their bucket list destinations with tips and tricks, money-saving guides, and destination resources. Early last year she joined me on the podcast to talk about health and wellness, another passion of hers. Since then she’s made substantial growth with her blog and has also become a retreat planner, and recently led her first group of women to Bali. However, her travels since our last conversation have also come with some intense challenges. Challenges that have not been discussed on this podcast before.

In this episode, Paige shares some stories from her recent travels and the wild misadventures that she’s had. As well as some of the life lessons that she’s learned from them. We also discuss a variety of topics pertaining to travel and self-development. Including; how travel helps you gain confidence, safety measures that you can take while abroad, and what you can gain when you travel with others.

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Ladies, if you’re interested in traveling with Paige, check out her upcoming retreats at The Traveling Bikinis.

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