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When it comes to getting the most out of our adventures, it works in our favor to travel light. When we have fewer things with us when we travel, we can focus on what we’re there for and our trip will be less stressful. I’ve noticed myself, for whenever I travel, I only have what I can fit into a 40-liter carry-on bag. My guest today also experienced the benefits of traveling light and has sought to develop unique clothing options to help others travel more with less. In this episode, I’m joined by world traveler and entrepreneur, Wen Muenyi.

Wen is the founder and CEO of HercLéon. An innovative clothing company that produces self-cleaning clothes for travelers and everyday people alike. Though prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Wen’s story begins in Cameroon, where he grew up. After being encouraged by his mother, he made his way out into the world and started traveling. Since then, Wen has covered a lot of ground and eventually made his way to Minnesota, where he currently resides.

Along the way, Wen sought to find a solution to a problem that we all face, especially while traveling. Which is that our clothes can quickly and easily get dirty, smell bad, and require washing. Though oftentimes while we’re out traveling, laundry facilities can be hard to come by. In order to address this problem, Wen began looking for ways to make clothes that can resist odor and don’t require washing. Making it much more convenient for travelers, as well as being more sustainable for the environment. And thus… HercLéon was born!

In this episode, Wen tells us more about his story. Talking about his time growing up in Cameroon, to venturing out into the world, and the founding of HercLéon. We also have some great discussions about how to travel light and the benefits of doing so!

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