Rugby and World Travel with George Fox-Edwards

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Today on the podcast I’m joined by George Fox-Edwards, creator and author of the travel blog Nomadventurer.

George is a traveler who has covered a lot of ground. With many of his travels having been done in very unique ways. In 2018, he traveled to Australia to represent Great Britain in the ITF Tag Rugby World Cup. An event that he spent months preparing for, both mentally and physically.

Following the ITF Tag Rugby World Cup, George set off on his own. He made his way to Vietnam, and what followed was many other solo travel adventures. One of which was hitchhiking in and around Europe for two weeks, among others.

In this episode, George tells us about his time preparing for and competing in the ITF Tag Rugby World Cup. He also shares some other amazing stories from his travels as well. We also discuss some of the life lessons that he’s learned along the way. Including; the value of staying physically fit. Why you should view others based on the quality of their character. And how travel builds confidence that can be transferred to other areas of your life.

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